Author: 青色羽翼 | Cyan Wings

  • Original Title: 忧郁先生想过平静生活

  • Chapters: 122 Chapter + 3 Extras

  • TAGS: adventure, action, fluff, romcom, 1v1, HE

  • Trigger Warning: May contain some violence

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A hilarious and well-written novel about an "ordinary" guy and his similarly "ordinary" husband. Having lived a lonely life for way too long, Yu Hua seals his powers and resolves to live a normal life and find love. He marries his cute little husband, You Zhengping, and they live a perfectly ordinary life.

Until his powers start to unseal, and the world becomes chaotic again. In the process, Yu Hua and You Zhengping discover they've been hiding secrets from each other. You Zhengping learns that his crazily OCD perfect, gentle husband is actually petty, vindictive, and takes pleasure in others' suffering. At the same time, Yu Hua learns to trust You Zhengping beyond affection, understanding that it's okay to show weakness and imperfection.

(Credit to: Melange on NovelUpdate)

Yu Hua

Known as:
— To Guardias: He is The most powerful Destroyer
— To Levelers: He is The legendary First Clearer
— To his collegue: He is HR Manager who traps other employees with harsh contracts
— To his husband (You Zhengping): He is The most loving, caring, attentive, kind hearted, composed man to ever alive

You Zhengping

Known as:
—To Destroyers: He is Captain Guardian of Xuyang District (as Handsome Uncle)
— To his subordinates and friends: He is Love drunk idiot
— To his husband (Yu Hua): He is the most lively, cheerful, adorably reckless young man that can do no wrong. Must protecc!

  • Cen Xiao = You Zhengping's first subordinate, bestest friend, and love live advisor. He'd been forced to witness Melancholy Husbands' PDA for years, but still love them anyway. Unkowingly being the source of Yu Hua's jealousy due to his closeness to You Zhengping.

  • Zhen Li = Peace loving Destroyer that ends up being Yu Hua's pawn. He just want to eat a lot of food and wear a lot of fancy clothes. So, to Great Master Yu Hua and Guardian Organisation, kindly leave this baby alone or he might cry. Thank you

Yu Hua loses his job, and the weight of the household falls on the shoulders of his partner, You Zhengping.

His husband is a temporary employee at the subdistrict office, with a monthly salary of only 2500; this troubles Yu Hua exceedingly.

You Zhengping is secretly engaged in the work of protecting the world from Destroyers, with a rather liberal subsidy.

You Zhengping spends all day fretting: how can he tell Yu Hua that he has a few million in private savings without giving anything away?

Right up until the day that You Zhengping receives a notice that a power great enough to destroy the world has appeared in his home.

Worried that something will happen to Yu Hua, an ordinary person, You Zhengping hurries home with his team. Once through the door, he sees a peaceful home, Yu Hua wearing an apron, a lifted frying pan in his hand, and a fish, golden on both sides and its aroma wafting around, frying in the pan.

Seeing You Zhengping, Yu Hua puts the frying pan on the switched-off electric stove and wipes his hands on his apron. “I wanted to save on the electricity bill.”

You Zhengping: …

The entire world’s most awesome Destroyer is his husband.

English by E Danglars (completed)
Bahasa Indonesia by ledaandnottheswan (on going)